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Withdraw dETH

Once a validator owner has registered a validator on the Stakehouse Protocol they will be able to mint dETH. For validator owners to use dETH across EVM blockchains and applications, validator owners will have to withdraw dETH to their wallet via the Stakehouse dApp. There are a few places users can currently withdraw from including the My Profile page and Validator detail page. Find the dETH withdrawal guide here.

Withdrawing from My Profile

When withdrawing dETH from the My Profile page the dETH that is in any Index (anything in Indexed or Minted status) that the user owns will be withdrawn and placed into their wallet. The corresponding savETH will be moved to the Open Index.

Withdrawing from Validator Detail page

When withdrawing from the Validator Detail page the dETH for that KNOT will be withdrawn if it is in Indexed status or Minted status.

Stakehouse is able to view the derivative’s journey through DeFi and observe the yield because it can be reconciled with ETH within a validator. When withdrawn, dETH is fungible with all other dETH outside the validator. Transaction details and balances can be viewed through Etherscan, a wallet or the Stakehouse dApp.