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Joining and Creating a Stakehouse

An individual Stakehouse within the protocol can be thought of as a validator collective. The protocol is permissionless, and each Stakehouse is fully customizable. Creating or joining a Stakehouse does not affect derivative minting.
Once a validator has been registered with the protocol users can start the minting process which requires either joining a Stakehouse or creating a Stakehouse. The Stakehouse joined might not make any difference. Some people might want to gatekeep their Stakehouse only allowing certain parties in.

After validator owners register with Stakehouse and have set up their node, validator owners will have to wait until the validator is confirmed on the consensus layer. Validator owners can check their validator’s status on the “My Profile” page. Once the validator is confirmed, then the ability to mint derivative tokens dETH and SLOT is enabled.

Joining a Stakehouse

Staking newcomers can join an existing Stakehouse as it reduces the complexities of managing a validator collective. This option is best for solo stakers who do not want to have a managerial role when it comes to managing a Stakehouse.

The benefits of joining an established Stakehouse are abundant. Depending on the individual Stakehouse, certain requirements might be put into place to gatekeep a Stakehouse by the operator. The better the Stakehouse performs the better it is for all the individuals involved.

Creating a Stakehouse

Creating a Stakehouse is another option for ambitious solo stakers looking for like minded individuals or institutional stakers looking to onboard a large group with certain parameters. This option allows stakers to create a collective for other validators to join. The process is almost identical to joining a Stakehouse. Stakehouses are fully customizable. Users can align their Stakehouse with unique commercial needs, strategies desired, or whatever else they can think of. For example, these parameters can be formed around a KYC, a chosen node operator, or whatever is important to the creator. Stakehouse enables a new wave of validator management and optimization for ETH staking.