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Developer Resources - Overview

Welcome to the Blockswap Network developer resource documentation.

Stakehouse is an AMM for staked ETH liquidity abstraction in a permissionless and trustless manner for DeFi using derivatives. It's a dual factor registry between the Beacon Chain and the official Ethereum Deposit Contract. This allows an atomic reconciliation of asset issuance and redemption.

Using multi layered registries an asset can be locked and productive on one chain yet the value be available and tracked on another chain. Registries are used to 'follow' and track the value on the Beacon Chain allowing users to mint only when they want derivatives in their wallet.

The registry model means that from the moment ETH is deposited via the Stakehouse protocol to the Ethereum Deposit Contract, the value (inflation rewards) can be tracked off chain from any node. For example, when derivatives are minted for a given depositor, the contract does NOT have to be constantly poked to inform it of the latest validator balance. The value accrual can be tracked off chain and reported where needed. A user can therefore decide to only report a balance increase when it makes sense, or never report a balance increase at all! This model is a ground breaking new design for DeFi and will enable the birth of countless derivative products including but not limited to

  • Self repaying loans
  • Fixed yield products
  • Tokenized proposer builder separation facilitated through MEV syndicates
  • Many more

The below resources will help you to get started with the Stakehouse contract integration. For further details, reach out on the Dev channel in the Blockswap Network Discord.